About Us

Welcome To Chorrus Games

Chorrus Games is a mobile game developer based in Madrid, Spain. Since our launch in 2014 we have worked in over 40 projects and brought many game ideas to live. We have even published some games like Super Oscar or Unbroken Soul. Super Oscar has now over 15 million downloads! To stay up to date on our next releases follow us on social media 😉

Who Are We

A group of talented artists, developers and marketers that joined forces to work in our dream job, MAKING GAMES!

Our Mission

We want to amaze our players! As an entertainment company, we want to provide unforgettable experiences to our users and unbeatable service to our clients 😀 

What We Do

We proudly develop, design, advise, publish and anything you can think of related to game and app development! 

Our History

Before funding Chorrus Games most of our members have worked in several other projects or studios. After uniting forces, we started working in some different areas of game development like: Web Development, PC and Console Development, and of course Mobile Development. As most game companies we started developing several games that were terrible flops like Flush Rush, Santa’s Giveaway, Crazy Diver and some others which we ended up removing when we had enough experience to work on our first hit, Super Oscar! It was a Classical Platformer which had a great reception since day one. It got featured in Google Play and Apple App Store which gave us the tools to keep improving our tools and team.

We worked in several titles for other companies and also licensed many HTML5 titles. Last year decided to explore the premium market for mobile games releasing Unbroken Soul which has had an outstanding reception on iOS and Android having 4.6 and 4.4 review average respectively. This year we have some huge plans as MMA Legend, Color War, Castle Ramble and Fruity Tapventure are almost ready for release. Hope you are as excited as us, don’t forget to check our progress on social media!


Our Working Process


Contact us with your project, we will then evaluate the costs and send you an offer with no obligation! You can also let us know your budget and we will tell you what is possible with it, we adapt to everybody’s needs.


You will always have the final word on design although our team of artists will advise you to make what will perform better. We can even prepare some prototypes at this stage.


With a clear idea of the final product you are expecting. it is time to start preparing your game ready. We can create unique games or adjust to a tight budget building them with the templates we have accumulated in our years in the industry 😉


So it is finally time to get some feedback, we will send it to you and some of our experienced testers to check there are no bugs and the gameplay is exactly what you were expecting!


After some revisions it is time to finally give your polished product. A complete ready to launch personalized game. We will never give you a product we aren’t proud of, and of course we will make sure you are proud of it too!

Why Us?

We will make sure you are satisfied with the result. If you are not satisfied we will give your money back, that’s how much we trust our team!

Contact our team at anytime, we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Expect your answer in less than 24 hours, it depends on the complexity of the request, but usually in less than an hour!

We make sure we are on the same page since we start designing your project. Having a clear end result clear helps us speed up our work and offer you the cheapest price possible. Always making sure quality is still there!

In our years of experience we have met many different ways of monetizing games. We will guide you towards the best returns possible with the product you are asking for. We have a pretty clear idea of what each platform is lacking and can share some of that wisdom with you 😛

We count with professionals with over 25 years of experience in the gaming industry. If you are looking for perfect results, you are on the right place!

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